Thursday, April 28, 2011

Adventures in Food

Cannon has a new discovery. Very observant readers will notice it in this first picture.

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I'm going to distract you with these beautiful, big brown eyes first.

Bingo! See that? That's mango. In Cannon's hair. 

Daily baths are no longer optional. Unless you want to wake up in the morning with a baby that smells like rotten mango.

Cannon thinks he's hilarious wiping his hands in his hair. 

He tries to win me over to his messy way of thinking by being cute.

Sometimes he tries to be sly and distract me with a little cheerio waving . . .

. . .  or with a little cheerio clapping.

And often, just to throw me off his tracks, he actually puts food where it's suppose to go.

When all is said and done and he's satisfied with his mango hair gel, he leans back and takes a rest.

Doing your hair is hard work I tell ya'!

Cannon - Week 42 (4/28/11)

On Easter Sunday, when Cannon proceeded to eat every food we ate, including green bean casserole, cheesy potatoes, ham, and a host of other delicious foods, I gave up. I resigned my job as recorder of Cannon's diet. There will be no more "first" foods written down. Anything edible is up for grabs (except milk and nuts). 

In other crazy news, Cannon pulled up on the window sill for the very first time this week. Once he got up there he started this pitiful little whine that indicated he had no idea what to do next. But, there's hope of progressing past the army crawl stage. How fun!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cannon & Silas

Cannon LOVES eating. He should - we do it 6-8 times a day. Sheesh. It's a wonder he's not a rolly polly. Nursing, meals, snacks, start over. It's enough to wear this mama out. So, while Daddy's packing his lunches for the week on Sunday night, Mama is packing Cannon's lunches for the week. Anything to cut down on meal prep time!

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Cannon has been known to sign "all done" (as shown below) although not terribly consistently or on command at all.

My oldest friend, Cassie, came to play with her son Silas. Cassie and I have known each other since we were born - or since Cassie was born - since she's six month younger. Our parents have been members at the same church since, well, before we were born. It's extra special that we now get to enjoy motherhood together.

I told you Cannon likes to poke out eyes. And you thought I was kidding.

Silas was all smiles. Cannon on the other hand was wondering if I was seriously making him share his Easter eggs. As if he didn't have enough eggs in the first place. (Please excuse the blurriness - I was apparently having eye sight aperture problems.)

One of these days I'll dig up some old pictures of me and Cassie. We have a classic one as five year old little girls wearing EVERY ITEM of dress up clothing I owned - including jewelry and hats. It's hysterically priceless.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter - Cannon Version

Easter dinner was Cannon's first official meal eating all the same foods as we were eating. It was quite liberating for Mama.

He concluded the meal by becoming best friends with Chanel (who usually avoids him like the plague) by feeding her the leftovers.

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I don't know who was more delighted at this: Chanel or my baby.

We then moved outdoors to play washers and attempted to introduce Cannon to grass (since we have yet to successfully grow any in our yard). 

This is how he felt about that:

And then I did the forbidden. I put bunny ears on my son.

Matthew tried to come and rescue Cannon and snatch those ears away, but he really just gave me another photo op - with two boys and the bunny ears.


The day concluded the same way it started . . .

. . . snacking with Chanel.

Happy Easter everyone!

And can I just say, are you not impressed with how (relatively) caught up I am on this whole blogging thing? I mean, Easter was only like a week ago. Danny's been studying every night - so I've had a little free time. :-)

Easter - Washers Version

Easter was a simple event this year. We went to The Village on Saturday night. Sunday morning involved bagels, coffee and and eggs florentine casserole. Then we went to my parents house for the main event: Easter dinner. Afterwards we burned calories playing washers.

A few washers made it in the hole . . .

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. . . a few didn't . . .

. . . or did they?

Coming up next . . . what Cannon did for Easter . . . as I know those are the pictures you're waiting for.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day Dream of the Morning: Mama Lupe's Kitchen

Anyone who really knows me knows I day dream a lot. This morning I was cooking some chorizo, egg and cheese breakfast taco's and had this day dream.

In my next life I would like to open up a breakfast taco hole in the wall restaurant and call it "Mama' Lupe's Kitchen". Every time I eat chorizo it reminds me of my childhood babysitter Lupe and her family. I kind of consider myself to be part Mexican or at least a connoisseur of Mexican food since I was raised on it while at Lupe's house.

Mama Lupe and her husband Mike had three children. So, as far as a menu is concerned I would name a taco creation after each one of them. I would have a Maggie, an Eileen and a Michael. Mike and Lupe would also have their own dishes as well. I might also consider naming a few dishes after kids who also attended the finest babysitting establishment the world has ever known, Mama Lupe's House.

Okay, now back to reality, Cannon is crying and this Saturday is my day to watch him while Laura has some Me time. We are going to clean out the garage.

Back to reality, and time to wake up from the daydream.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cannon - Week 41 (4/21/11)

It's official! Cannon's first word is "Mama." Sometimes he says it in a string "mamamamamama" but mostly he says it when he's frustrated/tired/hungry in a whiny tone of voice. Lovely. 

He also has started signing "milk." Again, it does it concurrently with a loud hum/whine. But, we're taking baby steps towards communicating. 

Finally, in fun news, Cannon has started doing "SO BIG" with his arms raised high over his head in response to the question, "How big is Cannon?" We usually do this after meals, and if we forget to ask him, he'll remind us by just throwing his hands up over his head and grinning until we say, "SO BIG!"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Cannon has a new trick he'd like to show you . . . no . . . it's not eating. He's already showed you that.

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When you ask Cannon how big he is . . . he will show you to the very end of his fingertips!

And he'll show you again . . .

. . . and again . . .

 . . . AND AGAIN! He is SO BIG!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Little Surfer Dude

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We finally put Cannon's new swimsuit to use. The warm April weather was the perfect time to check out the fun sand beach and splash pad at The Shops at Fairview.

Cannon didn't quite know what to do with that water shooting out of the ground, especially when he leaned over and it got him square in the face.

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Little by little his bravery grew to the point where he would stick his hand in the water himself. I can't wait to take him to swim lessons this summer!

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