Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Family This Month (March 2012)

In March life started to settle into a new normal.

Cason is starting to sleep longer stretches at night, only waking once or twice to nurse, which, after waking up every two to three hours, six hours feels like heaven. He is smiling, cooing, filling out, and looking more like a baby than a newborn. His little personality is starting to show and we LOVE making him smile and his eyes sparkle.

Cannon is talking up a storm . . . in "Cannon language" but he talks non-stop. He signs to tell us about different animals, different foods, and to communicate what he wants to do. I just know that I'm going to wake up one day and realize that I can understand his words and he's talking more than he's signing. Hopefully by then he'll be helping me teach Cason how to sign "milk" all over again! Cannon's enjoying the park, helping Daddy work in the garage and reading his books.

This month I rejoined my LensBaby and 2010 Baby Meetup Groups. We try to get out once in the morning to see friends, stretch our legs and just get out of the house. We purchased a Bob Revolution Duallie this month, so I am starting to run again! It feels fabulous to get out and feel sore again. I also organized a freezer meal co-op this month. Instead of killing myself cooking for a whole day, six of us make two meals each (enough for everyone) and then get together to swap meals. We all go home with 12 new meals for our freezer. They were delicious and lasted us more than the entire month, so we'll be swapping again!

Danny's been trying out a new hobby of brewing beer with one of his buddies. They made inaugural batch and are now perfecting the taste with a second. He's also had more time taking care of both boys by himself as I get out of the house for a break, to blog, for a photoshoot, or for a knitting/crochet group. He handles them like a pro and Cannon LOVES his "daddy and me" time!

Happy Spring!

February & March 2012 Reading List

Okay - who am I kidding? The 2012 Reading List is getting thrown out the window. I NEVER get to read while nursing like I did with Cannon. If anyone out there has tips for reading while nursing all while a toddler piles books on your lap because he wants to read too let me know. Until then I'll just settle in for reading a book a month!

3. Babywise Book 2 by Gary Ezzo
This was a pretty basic overview of five-12 months old. I might have gained more from this book had it actually read it when Cannon was around six months old. However, I think I read more detailed books on feeding, sleeping, etc. so this book really didn't provide any new information. I did appreciate the reminder to "begin as you mean to go" and the encouragement that teaching my child self-control is a very valuable parenting goal.

4. Toddlerwise by Gary Ezzo
I appreciated this book. Again, I don't necessary agree with EVERYTHING, just like I didn't agree with EVERYTHING in Babywise, but I did appreciate the structure and authority presented in this book. I KNOW in my head that I am Cannon's authority, but sometimes when in you're in the nitty gritty of the day with the whining and crying you start to doubt yourself. I thought this was a much better read than Babywise II.

5. Pottywise by Gary Ezzo
Again, I'm on a baby/toddler/pottywise kick. I liked this approach to potty training. The book was a little wordy and repetitive, but I thought the principles presented were good. I liked that they talked about rewarding your child for staying clean and dry, not just for using the bathroom. They also gave several approaches ranging from training in just a few days to a more relaxed approach of training over the coarse of several weeks. They did emphasize that once you start it's best to be consistent and stick with it. Don't waffle back and forth between diapers and underwear.

6. The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson

Finally finished this book. I enjoyed this book and thought her stories and examples were encouraging. I particularly enjoyed the "Something to Try . . ." at the end of each chapter as it brought a practical aspect to the principles and ideas she wrote about. I was inspired by her approach to loving her children. She didn't just discipline them, she took the time to note if they were having a bad day, to observe if behavior was simply caused by immaturity or a lack of discipline, and she entered their world and listened to what they were interested in. What a beautiful picture of motherhood she painted! I also loved how they sought to serve and play together. Instead of all of the kids doing individual sports, they went camp, skiing and did recreational activities together, as a family!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cason - Week 12

Not sure but we're not having any troubles eating, so he's growing, growing, growing! Still hovering around 13 lbs I'm sure.

Mostly 3 months/3-6 months.
Gerber 6-9 month onesies are too small.

Taking three naps a day great - sometimes two mini naps in the morning with one of those in the car and one of those being worn on me.

Drumroll please, Cason's is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! He slept from 11:00pm to 7:30am. Sane, non-sleep deprived Laura has returned to the planet. He slept well for a few nights and then over the weekend started waking up every 3-4 hours again ravenous. So, he must be going through the 12 week growth spurt. I'm sure we'll be sleeping again in a day or two.

Eating every 3 to 3.5 hours, except at night he's only eating once, MAYBE twice during the night.

Lots of squeals, squawks, giggles and coos coming from this little man.



Being confined in his carseat. He's fine once he gets buckled in, but he arches his back and fusses while we put him in it.

Good this week!

Sleeping through the night!

Cason has also started to bat at the green frog on his activity mat.

Want to compare? Cannon - Week 12

Asleep on the Floor

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This was one of THOSE days. 

One of those days where I couldn't find two minutes to shower or eat or sit down or go to the bathroom.

I finally got Cason down for a nap and decided it was time for a minute of "me time."

I put Cannon in his room with a box of toys from his closet, set up the baby gate and hopped into the shower.

Halfway thru I hear "mama! mama! mama!" coming down the hall from his room.


There's no respite, even in a quick shower.

I decide he can wait. There's nothing in his room that can hurt him. I need a minute.

By the time I get out of the shower and check on him, this is what I find.

Cannon's asleep on the floor.

Apparently I took too long. :-)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our days are filled with unplanned activities. I just haven't gotten my act together to organize things for us to do.

So, we spend quite a bit of time just playing on the floor.

It is a rare occasion that Cannon is willing to share Blue Bunny, but anything for Baby Brother.

I've already mentioned that these two have a bond like no other. They make each other giggle and it melts my heart.

Cannon is continually trying to do things that he sees me do with Cason. For example: pick him up! I have to watch these two like a hawk.

Apparently I was behind on the laundry, because Cannon took it upon himself to get it done.

Down the hall to the washing machine.

Even closing the door behind him. He's got it all taken care of! Now, if only he would were old enough to reach the washing machine and get something done.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bathtime Buddies

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Bluebonnets 2012

How have we grown this much since last year?

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Morning Goodbyes

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Cannon's been waking up earlier, which means our morning routine has changed slightly - mainly because I haven't been up, put my contacts in or even gotten the day started myself. But one fun thing about his early alarm clock is that he gets to see Danny before he goes to work. Our morning goodbyes look something like this:

He has spotted (and is signing) a bird.

He usually calls for just one more "hug" after Danny has made his way to the car.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dear Cason-

You've been waking up more in the middle of the night the last three nights. The first two nights I was frustrated. Tonight I tried to embrace it. I listened to your breath. Felt the softness of your hair and head on my cheek. Saw your tiny mouth smile as you dreamed. Matched the rhythm of my breath to the rise and fall of your chest. Felt the lightness of your hand resting over my heart and I sighed. I know it won't be like this forever. The sleepless nights will disappear along with your smallness that fits under my chin and on my chest, and so tonight I exchange my dreams for you because I know one day I'll be dreaming to have this moment all over again.


Cason's birth story is on Mama Birth's blog today! EEK!

Her blogs has become one of my favorites. If you're looking to be encouraged by some birth stories then check her out!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Face Time with Cason

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All that playtime just tuckered him out!

2010 Babies: Dallas Arboretum

Cannon makes the sweetest friends at the Dallas Arboretum.

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