Monday, April 30, 2012

Toddler Summer "Camp"

In case you missed the announcement on Facebook: 

I'm stealing my friend, Gara's, fabulous idea and thinking about coordinating a toddler summer "camp" for kids ages 2-3 this summer and would love for you to join me!

Here are the details:
  • Wednesdays, 9am-Noon
  • There will be 5 camp days (less depending on how many sign up). The dates are: 6/6, 6/20, 7/11, 7/25, and 8/8.
  • Every mom will partner up with two other moms to host a camp day. It can be at your house or at an alternate location of your choice (like a church gym). You will be responsible for coming up with all activities and providing a mid-morning snack for the children. To keep it simple, no money will exchange hands, i.e, you pay for the supplies for your day and call it even.
  • The theme this summer will be "The Five Senses." Each camp day will cover a different sense (may have to have two senses on one day if we only do 4 weeks). Try to gear your activities around that sense. 
If you're interested let me know (on Facebook or via email).

Our Family This Month (April 2012)

Life is flying by. How are we already to May? I think that the more children you have the faster time passes. The Dugger's life must seem like a blink! :-)

The boys and I have been getting out of the house most mornings. We enjoy a jog to the park, a walk with a friend, or a play date with a meetup group. I'm getting in the rhythm of loading up two kids, a stroller and a picnic lunch into the car and am adjusting to everything just taking longer.

At the beginning of the month we ventured out to the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas for their Free First Saturday event. It was an unusually cool Spring day and we thoroughly enjoyed the morning. Cannon explored the statues and Danny and I enjoyed the slow morning outdoors.

We celebrated Easter with a Reeder Family dinner, but other than that the month was pretty quiet. Our evenings are filled with diapers, reading books, putting dinner on the table, bath time and bedtime. And by the time we sit down to breath it's somehow already 9 pm.

It was a busy month for still:life photography as I photographed the Great Cloth Diaper Change and worked on a few other photo shoots. I find it's a little crazy trying to find balance between family and a small business.

And that was April.

**A few out takes for your morning chuckle. Yes, that's spit up all down Cason's onesie. I've completely given up to having him in clean clothes.**

Friday, April 27, 2012

Little Laundry Helper

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

You know it's a good laundry day . . .

. . . when you go from folding diapers . . .

. . . to a rousing game of peekaboo!

And in case you're keeping track, this is Cannon's newest chore. :-)

The Splashpad

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We are fully prepared to spend every day this summer at the pool or a splashpad. The swimsuits and towels go straight from the dryer to the swim bag in the car. I have a mesh wrap so I can wear Cason in the water and a life jacket for Cannon so I we can all safely enjoy the water this summer. I don't know how to survive a summer in Texas without being in the water - so we are prepared. 

I was so excited to hit up the splashpad this year. Last year was a bit of a dud considering Cannon couldn't walk. 

Well, our first time out in the water and Cannon spent it running around the blue tiled wall. He really wanted nothing to do with the fountains. My only consolation is that he gets braver every time we go, so maybe by the end of the summer we'll actually be getting wet!

This is Cannon showing off his jumping skills to his little friend. They were best buds, as neither wanted to get wet.

And that, dear friends, is as wet as he got this day. One finger!

Cason - Week 16

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We made a trip to see Dr. McElroy this week and Cason weighed in at 15lbs 15 oz. I KNEW he was growing. Wow! He seems to be growing so much faster than Cannon, but then again I feel like the days are FLYING by.

He's wearing 3 and 6 month outfits/onesies and 6 month footed pjs.

Still eating around five times a day and taking three naps a day.

Sleeping longer stretches and waking up once, maybe twice a night.

Still eats every three hours.

Coos, squeals and grunts.


LOVES people like no other. He's beams when anyone makes eye contact with him.

No new disklikes that I can think of this week.

Cason's fever went down on it's own this weekend, but then he woke up hoarse one morning. After four days of being hoarse I took him to the doctor. I know it wasn't cry induced (I'm a fan of a little "crying it out" but definitely not enough to make a baby hoarse!). Dr. McElroy said he looked great, so it was probably just a little bug that would resolve itself on it's own.

Cason's becoming more and more aware of his hands and feet. He watches them move as he waves them back and forth.

Want to compare? Cannon - Week 16

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brothers on the Floor

Cannon has gone thru several phases in his four months as "Big Brother." 

There was the "he's new and little and I want to hold him on my lap" phase.

There's been the "the newness has worn off please put him down and hold me" phase.

And we're currently in the "you're not big enough to play with me, so I'll get down on your level phase."  

This one might just be my favorite yet. Any time Cason is on the floor, Cason has to lay down right next to him. He's also been known to bring Cason a toy to share. I'll find the poor baby with a pot on his belly because Cannon is trying to cook with him. I hope that's an indicator of many years of playtime to come.

I have a feeling that the next phase we're about to hit is the "you're taking to long to roll over so let me help you" phase. Cannon will often see Cason on his side and come tearing across the room yelling "HEP? HEP? HEP?" followed by a good push to help Cason with the last little roll over his shoulder. I can't decide if it's cute or dangerous. :-)

Look! This child has a neck!

And, it won't be long before these blue eyes are brown. They are already turning a cool hazel color in the middle. Can you tell? 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lensbaby: Little Gardeners

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These three shots are exactly how many pictures I took at this Lensbaby meetup. It was a fabulously cut idea, but the stars did not align for us. Cason was a fussy mess. Cannon just wanted to pull the wagon and kept trying to make a break for the playground. And I couldn't juggle wearing Cason, helping Cannon plant an herb AND take photos (imagine that!). 

So, we too three pictures and then spent the rest of the time enjoying the playground. It was one of those moments where I'm glad I threw out my agenda and enjoyed my children because Cannon's smiles on the swing were priceless.

Previous Lensbaby Photoshoots:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bath Time!

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Look who's trying so hard to roll over. 

A HAND! And it moves! Fascination!

I find it harder to capture the little moments of Cason's days like I did with Cannon. I don't know why I don't have the time any more to just lay on the floor with the camera and wait for Cason to do something? But every now and then I try to snap a few photos just to remember how little he is!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cason - Week 15

Probably 14ish lbs - we call him our Chunky Monkey.

3-6 months

He's wearing 6 month foot pjs when it's at all cool.

Eating around five times a day and taking three naps a day.

Another off week. He's waking every 3 hours at night. Apparently Cason can only sleep through the night one week at a time.

I let Cason nap in his crib for the first time this week. He did great. I also took out the bassinet insert on the pack n' play, so Cason's sleeping in it like a big boy! He also about takes out your back lifting him up from the ground.

Every three hours around the clock. Another growth spurt?



His crib - although it will be a while before I let the boys sleep in the same room. I love my nap time too much and want them to both sleep as much as possible before waking each other up!

Not feeling 100%, and he lets us know by waking us every three hours.

My allergies have been killer, so I'm wondering if allergies are affecting Cason and waking him up at night. I'll look for anything on which to blame the sleepless nights!

On Friday Cason finally had a fever that got up to 101.4. I'm wondering, since he hasn't slept well all week if he's had a little bug.

We have Cason on a delayed vaccination schedule, so we got to visit the doctor's office for his Hib and Pc vaccinations this week.

Want to compare? Cannon - Week 15

Retrieving Things

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Sometimes I wonder if Cannon doesn't stick things in weird places just so he and Daddy can spend time using their tools to retrieve them. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lensbaby: Pinwheels in a Field

This might have been Cannon's FAVORITE Lensbaby photo shoot yet! We picked out a new pinwheel at Hobby Lobby and he played with that thing all day. His little breaths were enough to make it spin in the slightest, but that didn't stop him from trying. Taking it out in the field and watching it spin in the wind was much more fun!

Sharing his pinwheel with brother.

Daddy showed up halfway thru the photoshoot and taught Cannon something: 

Gotta love Daddy's ideas for posing.

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