Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 2013 Reading List

9. Birthing from Within by Pam England
I didn't quite make it through this entire book as it was an interlibrary loan (non-renewable) and due at the library, but what I read I liked. The first third was a little heavy on "birth art" which was a new concept to me and not always applicable to me. I did think this was a good read, especially for a first time mom, as it addressed all the things you need to think about when deciding where to give birth, who will attend your birth, questions to ask, things to pack, and ways to cope with a natural birth. I was just getting into some of the more applicable chapters about coping with labor and delivery when I had to return it. I would definitely pick this up again to finish it out.

Our Family This Month (April 2013)

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This month we had our first appointment at the Allen Birthing Center to hear Baby #3's little heartbeat and get started on our monthly visits. We also announced to the world that Baby #3 was coming, which was a secret we'd been keeping for two months. That, by far, trumps all other events this month. 

We enjoyed farm fresh vegetables from Sky View Farms CSA (our next month of weekly veggie deliveries should commence shortly). I was introduced to new things such as kohlrabi  tatsoi, and numerous fresh herbs which challenged my cooking skills but delighted our taste buds.  Freezer meals were swapped, little play groups were attended, and hundreds of photos were snapped . . . as normally happens every month.

Photoshoots kept me busy on the weekends (the results of which you can see on still:life photography's Facebook page) and the warmer weather kept us out of doors during the week. Other than that it was a nice and quiet April in the Stiller household.

Monday, April 29, 2013

LensBaby: Mommy & Me Photoshoot

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Every Spring LensBaby does a "Mommy & Me" photoshoot. And, while it's one of the craziest events (think kiddos running amok, sweaty mom's trying to corral even sweatier kids on their laps, whines of protest from all involved, etc.) I always love the results. And, it gets me in front of the camera!

Much thanks to my friend, Kerin, for these awesome photos!

Previous Lensbaby Photoshoots:

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby Belly #3 - Week 15

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Well, here we go again. Third round of the baby bump. It's already bigger this time around. There's no hiding it or sucking it in any more. 

Up until this point I've have had my normal pregnancy symptoms: fatigue, bloating, gassy and nausea. Delightful, I know.  Most days I take a nap with the boys in the afternoon.

So far I've craved everything from beef jerky to Taco Bueno to cheeseburgers. I've had all my normal cravings (chocolate shakes and sushi - I always crave sushi when I'm pregnant - must be a "want what I can't have" kind of thing) but I've also had WAY more diverse and intense cravings this time around. 

We had our first appointment for this baby at the Allen Birth Center this week. It seemed like a torturously long wait since our first appointments for both boys was at an ob/gyn at around nine weeks. We got to hear the heart beat and see the little munchkin on the handheld sonogram machine. He/she was much bigger than I expected and we could see arms, hands and even little fits up by the mouth. 

And so begins the weekly photos that won't end until this little guy/gal turns one year, because after the baby bump comes 52 more weeks of documentation. ;-) 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Baby Stiller #3 Q&A

How far along are you? When are you due?
I'm 14 weeks along, due October 20, 2013.

We actually found out at FOUR WEEKS that we were pregnant. I was beyond tired two days in a row and I just KNEW. I just knew in my gut what was going on. This was by far the earliest we've ever found out. Don't you remember the pregnancy test debacle with Cason? And I was scared to get my hopes up with Cannon, so we waited a ridiculous number of weeks before taking a test. This has been our little secret for quite some time. I can't tell you how many times people asked us "Do you want another child?" and I'd just smile and say, "Eventually!" thinking, "If they only knew. . ."

How are you feeling?
I'm feeling about how I usually feel when pregnant: tired and nausea. All the time. I'm almost convinced it's a boy because I feel exactly the same as I did when pregnant with Cannon and Cason.

Of course just as soon as I convinced myself it's a boy, I turn around and think I might just be wrong. My cravings have been wildly different from the boys. With both of them I craved chocolate shakes . . . that was it. This time I've craved nachos, Red Vines, burgers and more burgers, Taco Bueno (ew, who craves Taco Bueno?), ice cream, and more junk. Veggies are not my friend this pregnancy, and while I force them down, they tend to bring on the nausea. I've also had insanely vivid dreams almost every night. I had dreams few and far between with the boys. And finally, my dizzy spells/lightheadedness has been intensely worse every morning. It's so bad that I have to sit down three to four times while trying to fix breakfast because things start closing in and blacking out. Crazy! So, we'll see.

Are you going to find out if it's a boy or a girl?
Actually this time we might wait and be surprised with the gender. Danny's ALWAYS wanted to wait and for some reason this time I might just be able to handle it.

Do you have names picked out? Are you going to share them?
Third time must be a charm for us because I think we "MIGHT" already have a boy name AND a girl name picked out. This is the biggest reason I'm okay waiting to find out the gender. If we can easily agree on two names then we don't have to find out the gender just to negate half of the name options.

Of course we'll share them! I can't keep a secret.

How far apart will Cason and Baby #3 be?
21 short, short months. Cannon will be 3 years 3 months and Cason will be 21 months when this baby comes. I thought I was ready for a little break, a little space in between Cason and the next baby, but God had other, beautiful plans. Yes, I realize how tired we are going to be over the next few years. Yes, I know we're going to have our hands full. Yes, I know college is expensive. Give us five years and once we get everyone potty trained and able to climb into the car themselves, we'll rejoin the real world.

Where are those precious little sonogram pictures?
Sad day. Unlike our pregnancies with Cannon and Cason, we're starting out our care at the Allen Birthing Center. They only do a sonogram at 20 weeks. We did get to see the Littlest One on the handheld sonogram on our very first visit at 11 weeks, but there were no printouts. I'm just remembering the perfect little profile, the little arms and that little hand up by the mouth in my mind forever.

Cannon's Q&A
Cason's Q&A

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hiking Adventures

Can you tell we've been DYING for the warmer weather to show up by all of our outdoor photos lately? I'm so excited for this summer because Cason is old enough to keep up (somewhat) with Cannon and Cannon is old enough for fun new adventures like hiking! 

I took the boys to an old trail near Bob Woodruff Park/Santa Fe Trail where I grew up exploring and let them have at it. We picked up every stick in our path, pointed out every bird, and wondered at every bug along the way until we got to the little amphitheater. And, NO FLOWERS in these photos!  

Cason's Babies

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I've started giving Cason some stuffed animals to cuddle with at naptime and bedtime. Only, being the second child that he is, he doesn't usually get the same one every time. Whatever animal is lying on the floor at the time is what Cason gets. But he doesn't care. He's an impartial cuddler and he calls them all "Bebe." Yes, he sounds French when talking about his lovies. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tired Little Monkey

Remember this sleeping chunky monkey? Well, not much has changed except his size:
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So, Cason has been known to be the lightest sleeper ever . . . when in his bed. But put him in the bike trailer, which might just be the bumpiest ride on earth, and he falls right asleep . . . sitting up . . . his head falling and flopping every which way. In fact, watching Daddy pedal that bike trailer wore Cason out so much that he slept right there on the couch after Daddy carried him in. And then he slept another two hours in his crib after we finally took his shoes off and carried him to his room. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Need help getting started with cloth diapers?

How many diapers do you really need to get started cloth diapering?

Want to save money or do you want the easiest possible method of cloth diapering?

What supplies can help you handle all those diapers once they're dirty?

Head on  over to A Simple Haven to read my guest post on "Getting Started with Cloth Diapers".

Be sure to check out my friend, Jenn's, entire series on cloth diapering. It's fabulous. She shares her story about jumping into cloth diapering late in the game and her financial break down of cloth vs. disposable. It's SO insightful!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lunchtime Faces

Sometimes when you dine with barely-verbal toddlers day after day, you resort to making faces at each other. It's called loosing your sanity one meal at a time. Many of our meal times end up looking something like this:

Cason's Surprised Face:
Oh, nope, the mouth gets even bigger folks:
Cason's Scrunchie Face:
Cannon's Scrunchie Face:
Cannon, bringing back the Pumpkin Face:
This is just Cason showing off the food in his mouth (hence, the b&w editing):
Cannon's Surprised Face:

Cason's giggle:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Letters to My Children - April 2013

Because one day I will forget these moments and because one day I want them to know how much I loved these little days with them . . . I've joined a little blog circle with my friends. We're writing notes to our children every month. Because they are important to us. Because these days are fleeting. Because maybe, just maybe, one day I'll laugh at the chaos, the messes, and the memories.

Be sure to click through and read my friend, Carrie's, sweet letter to her twins.

Littlest One -

I'd like to introduce you to two very special boys.

These are your brothers . . . your big brothers. They don't always dress like that, but we are big Duck Dynasty fans.

They are going to love you very much. They will smother you in kisses and tackle you to the ground, maybe in the same breath.

We heard your heartbeat last week. It was music to our ears. We saw your little profile, your tiny arms and your quickly beating heart. You are alive and well and we've told the world that you're coming.

If you're a girl, you'll be the very protected princess (or the tom boy trying to keep up with your brothers' adventures). If you're a boy, you'll be our third musketeer (another "C" to make the perfect Stiller trifecta).

We are so excited to meet you. I'll warn you now - there will be dirty diapers, toy-cluttered floors, and you're probably going to have to cry a bit to be heard over your older brothers. But I promise there will be lots of snuggles, tender kisses, play time on the floor, and long walks in the fresh air. Life is going to be crazy, but we can't wait to welcome you to our adventure.

I love you baby!


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Friday, April 12, 2013

Tour de Stiller

Now that the weather is getting warmer we are spending more and more time outside. And now that Cason is getting older we are afforded more and more opportunities to practice sharing. 

Yea, I'll let the photos speak for themselves on just how well that last bit is going. Take a look at who can hold his own in a battle of the wills . . . last man standing gets the bike. 

Dallas Arboretum Fun with Nana

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Well, I think I finally maxed out the boys capacity for posing with flowers. Can you see the looks of indifference and tolerance on their faces below? Even finding "their size" benches and bribing them with sticks could not elicit smiles . . . until we found the frog fountains. Then all shoes were off and smiles were on and Nana and I wore those boys out playing in the water. Thank you Mom for actually trying to get me in a few photos!

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