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Halloween 2013

Cannon was originally going to dress up as Handy Manny and then he discovered Uncle Matt's old puppy dog costume at Nana's house and that's all he talked about for a week. So, 2013 saw little Jace, the Duck Commander, trick or treating with his blue and white hunting dog. 

If you're like me, and want to compare this year's Duck Commander and Puppy Dog to last year's Fire Fighter and Dalmatian, just click here.

I couldn't get my act together and get a costume for Colt, so he went has a pumpkin. Thank you orange hat gifted from a friend. 
For old times sake, Colt and I took a photo in the same spot that I took all 25 of those growing belly pictures when I was pregnant with him. Hard to believe he fit inside of me just nine days prior to this.

Life is exhausting at nine days old!

You wouldn't know it by the pictures I post, but Colt does open his eyes. They are deep, dark gray and they usually look at me like "What on earth is this racket you have birthed me into?"
Before long, however, those eyes close and Colt nestles down for a little nap.
A little squirm here, a little wiggle there before he gets comfortable.
And just like that he's out like a light.
Squishy lips, chubby cheeks and all just snoozing away.
Oops - wait - what was that? Big brothers are playing the drums on old, tin coffee cans? Should I wake up for this?
No, clearly I am the third son and can sleep through a tornado.

Little Baby, Big Bed

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The Days of the Newborn

What does life look like for us in the days after having a newborn when family is in town and Daddy's off of work? 

It looks like sitting on the floor and reading books with Glammy . . .
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It looks like quality testing on the baby equipment . . .
And it looks like gorgeous afternoons at the park playing with silly string!

Trick or Treating

First stop on the trick or treating schedule: Nana & Papa's house (because they always have some chocolate set aside for Mommy and Daddy). 
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Next stop: Dinner and trick or treating with Addi and Rowan in Addi's neighborhood. The dad's took the kids out (up and down every street apparently because they were gone forever and came home with bags full of goodies) while the mamas snuggled newborns and chit chatted.

Our Family This Month (October 2013)

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What is there to say about October 2013 other than COLT SHEPHERD was born! 

We spent the month waiting for him. He was by far the biggest and most exciting event for our family, probably not just this month but this year!

The boys and I didn't go on too many play dates/meet ups this month because I was so huge and tired. We mainly went to the park where I would walk and walk and walk and walk trying to coax Colt to come and join the outside world. The week before Colt was born we literally thought he was coming every night. Every night before bed I would shower and repack the birthing center bags convinced I'd go into labor in the middle of THAT night. After seven days of doing this I finally gave up, took my 40 week baby belly photo and resigned myself to the fact that this would be our "overdue" baby. 

No sooner had I come to peace with the fact that Colt would not be early than, boom, out he came on Tuesday, October 22, his great-grandfather's birthday. 

And just like that life slowed down. I enjoyed several days of bed rest snuggling my newborn while grandparents watched Cannon and Cason, Danny helped out with the house, and the world rushed on without us. I LOVE those first few days after giving birth (other than your body feeling like it's been turned inside out). There is nothing like sleeping with a new baby on your chest. 

That was our October. Forever life altering. 

For those of you who have asked how it is having three kids, let me just show you. We literally got ONE good family photo (as seen above) and then rest looked something like these: 

Cason just had to eat candy . . . IMMEDIATELY. Danny thought this would be an opportune time to give Cannon some duck calling lessons. Colt lay smooshed, helpless in the middle of the chaos. And that's about how every day goes.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Here's Looking at You Kid (version 2.0)

Not so very long ago my firstborn son was peeping over the pack n play to check out his new brother.

Now my second born son is doing the same thing with his baby brother.

Deja vu at it's finest.

Colt - Week 1

And so it starts again . . . the weekly photos. This time I have a quilt pattern in mind, so I'm choosing my fabrics accordingly. I'm also spending a little more to get fabrics I like, since there were quite a few cottons in Cason's quilt that I didn't love but simply purchased because they were super discounted remnants. Hello Colt! We are going to celebrate you every week. Here's to the next year of watching you grow.
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Colt weighed in at 9 lbs 11 oz during his home visit when he was three days old. Did you read that? The baby GAINED two oz in three days. He was suppose to lose some weight, but not this boy! He's packing it on.

At six days old Colt weight in at 10 lbs 5 oz (12 oz over birth weight), albeit that was with clothing and diaper on, but we factored that in to the weigh in (he actually weighed in at 10 lbs 7 oz).

Newborn clothes fit right now, but not for long. 

None right now! 

Once my milk came in Colt started sleeping 2-3 hour stretches day and night, instead of just wanting to nurse all the time! Thank goodness!

My milk came in by the end of Colt's second day of life. This was record speed for me. Of course it helps that he nursed around the clock for the first 36 hours. I would nurse him for an hour, then try to put him down to take a break and he would cry and cry until I let him nurse again. The boy is hungry!

Cries with gusto!

None of course


Not eating and not being held. So long as we're holding him and he's eating he's great!

Colt is really gassy (and starting to spit up). I feel like his digestive system is working overtime trying to figure out this milk stuff.

He has mild jaundice, but we enjoyed some sunshine coming through the window while cuddling on our bed this week.

I would say that rapid weight gain was his big event/milestone of the week.

How's Mama doing?
Emotional. I cried during my first post-partum shower thinking about how I was pregnant the last time I showered! There were lots and lots of tears this week. Good ones. Tears of happiness and memories.

I'm weak and tired from blood loss, but soaking up my newborn snuggles.

I realized several days after labor that my shoulders and upper arms were sore/tender to the touch. I don't remember being sore like that after any of my other labors. I must have been working hard.

There is way more post-partum cramping this time around. I've heard that gets worse with each pregnancy, but OW.

Forgot what Cannon and Cason looked like at one week? You might be shocked at the difference two pounds makes! 
Cannon - Week 1
Cason - Week 1

Colt's Newborn Photos

I just realized I never blogged Colt's newborn photos. Shame on me because they are beautiful, precious and priceless. At a mere seven days old Colt was a trooper. We had him outside on a warm(ish) October day and he slept like a champ. 

My friend, Taylor of Barefeet Photography, was the wonder woman behind the camera. Make sure you check out her work! 

I'm an emotional/nervous wreck when it comes to shooting my own newborns photos, so I always hire someone. It's that important to me, and so much less stressful. 

And now, let your screen explode with squishy cuteness!
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