Sunday, November 30, 2014

Just a little video for your Thanksgiving weekend

As we come out of a weekend of giving thanks and enter a season of Advent, there's this . . . where God pours out His beautiful blessings upon us. 
hello baby from Laura Stiller on Vimeo.

And in case you weren't around for our other chalk videos, here they are:

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Duck Commander in West Monroe, Lousiana (Florida 2014 Trip Itinerary)

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One of Danny's few requests for our travels home was to stop at Duck Commander in West Monroe, LA. It was Sunday evening, so everything was closed, but the place was still buzzing with tourists. I think he secretly wanted to compare beards. Thank goodness we're quite a ways away from duck commander status. 

By this point in our trip we were all DONE riding in the car, so it was nice to get out, stretch our legs and grab some dinner. Our full travel itinerary is below in case anyone is planning a road trip across the south and looking for ideas of places to stop!

For the drive home our itinerary was:

Friday afternoon

  • Drive 5 hours from Fort Lauderdale to Jacksonville, FL
  • Stay at the Hampton in


  • Wake up and explore/hikea the Fort Caroline Nature Preserve (within the Timucuan Preserve)
  • Eat lunch
  • Drive 6 hours from Jacksonville, FL to Foley, AL
  • Eat dinner at Lambert's Cafe (which turned in to Chick-fil-a b/c the two hour wait at Lamberts was TOO LONG for us)
  • Drive 4.5 hours from Foley, AL to Baton Rouge, LA (yes, this was a late nigh)
  • Stay at Courtyard Marriot (Originally we were going to stay at Tunica Hills Campgrounds in their new cabins - in St. Francisville, LA - but we decided that we were getting in too late to deal with cabins in the dark woods.)


  • Wake up and hike at Clark Creek Nature Area in Tunica Hills State Park
  • Eat lunch
  • Drive 3 hours from St. Francisville, MS to West Monroe, LA
  • Visit Duck Commander
  • Eat dinner
  • Drive 4 hours home

Clark Creek Natura Area (Florida 2014 Itinerary)

So, our third day of travel and our second stop was at Clark Creek Nature Area in Mississippi. Did you know there's gorgeous hiking is Mississippi? I didn't either. This place was magical. We picked on of the shortest trails because we had little legs trekking through the forest, but we could have explored here for days!

The boys really were in their element on these hikes. They rarely complained; we allowed them tons of freedom in exploring, picking up all the rocks and sticks they wanted, and climbing on everything; we packed in plenty of snacks; and we all had a fabulous time. 

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