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Merry Christmas from the Stillers 2014

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Christmas 2014
Friends and Family -

It’s another Stiller Family Christmas letter. This one is actually full of information NOT found on the blog, because I have three small children and blogging has taken a backseat to real life.

After more than four years working at Cigna, Danny took a new job this fall. He’s an account manager at Speech Privacy Systems. He’s selling Sound Masking and we’re hoping this will be a great, new opportunity for our family. Sound Masking is an engineered sound that sounds like whooshing air to render speech unintelligible in order to reduce conversational distractions and increase privacy in open office areas. It’s eerily similar to the white noise I play for the boys at nap time. Danny also became a certified Crossfit coach this year and works part time at a local gym in Plano coaching classes.

I’m still enjoying being a stay-at-home mom with the boys. We fill our days with trips to the Perot Museum, the Dallas Arboretum, the library and the park. I still enjoy meeting up with the Lens Baby group for photo shoots with our kiddos. I’ve been in this group since Cannon was six months old and it’s been fun to watch the kiddos grow. The boys and I also love going to Bible Study Fellowship each week. We all learn the same Bible story and it’s a nice break for me to enjoy a discussion and lecture with other moms. Photography has been busy and growing this year. I enjoy the creative outlet and appreciate the opportunity to hone a skill other than keeping children alive.

Cannon is four years old and growing like a weed. He still loves all sports, particularly baseball, and anything involving outdoor play. He and Cason could dig in the dirt, beat trees with sticks and jump on the trampoline wielding swords all day if they didn’t need food and rest. He’s a great big brother. He simultaneously toughens his brothers up with daily wrestling matches and also looks out for them and includes them in his daily activities/play.

Cason will be three years old in January and thinks he can do everything Cannon does. He repeats every question and statement Cannon says, which makes my days full of talking. He has really grown this year and I love watching him play and imagine every day with Cannon. Cason’s favorite activity at the park is swinging. He also loves book and is a fabulous cuddle buddy during reading time.

Colt is quickly finding his place with his brothers. He loves to be in the middle of things and is the quickest of all of them to make his voice heard. His favorite activity is taking lids on and off containers or putting clothespins into a soda bottle. He can empty a cupboard faster than I can fold a dish towel and we’re trying to figure out how to put that skill to good use. Colt is learning new signs and a few verbal words every week. He will take a step or two on his own and push his walker all over the house, but crawling is still his preferred mode of getting around.

Aside from Danny getting a new job, the biggest news for the Stiller Family in 2014 is that we’ll be adding a new little one to the gang. Baby #4 is expected June 18, 2015 and while Cannon maintains that he’s getting a sister, we already call the little one “him.” So 2014 has been an exciting year for us, and 2015 is shaping up to be full of new adventures as well.

Praying that you have a wonderfully Merry Christmas and a beautiful Near Year!

Danny, Laura, Cannon, Cason, Colt & Baby #4

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