Sunday, October 16, 2005


Well, since getting married Danny and I have set some goals for ourselves. Some goals are serious and important. For example, spend time every night talking, maintain a weekly date night, spend time in the Word on our own each day, pay off student loans, etc. Some goals are strictly fun and random. We have set reading goals - which you can keep up with in the column to the right. We have also set a goal to train for and run a half-marathon. (Thank you Em & Tash for the inspiration) So, we have just finished our first week of training. Below are our stats:

# of miles of run in one morning: 3 miles
Total # of miles run in a week: 12 miles
Total # of hills sprinted up: 6 hills
Average pace: too shocking to publish
(you can decide if that's too shocking slow or too shocking fast!)

While I must tell you that it is a beautiful sight to drive over the crest of a hill and see mountains on the horizon (sometimes I still think they are darks clouds on the horizon because I've never lived near any mountains), it makes for atrocious terrain to run in. The hills are long, intense, and arduous, and at times your muscles simply scream for release. You finally begin to feel your body relax as you reach the pinnacle and begin the descent, only to have the whole process begin all over again a few yards down the road. Needless to say, we are getting quite a work out and have decided that we will train for our half-marathon here in SC and then come run the race in Texas - on flat ground!

While the hills are hard the weather and scenery are gorgeous. We've been running in the morning when the weather is a chilly 60 degrees for these native Texans, but once you work up a sweat the breeze feels heavenly. The high reaches the upper 70s in the late afternoon - and after a week of this weather and being able to open the windows all day and all night I didn't know what to do with myself. I've never seen a real "Autumn" before!

The slightest gust of wind brings the leaves cascading down like rain, as there are trees everywhere. Many South Carolina residents have been complaining that the leaves are not turning colors due to a late summer drought. Instead, the leaves are simply turning brown and falling to the ground. Down with the leaves also come acorns and other nuts which the squirrels scurry to gather up for their winter stash. We have been informed that the winters here are quite harsh - something I am not looking forward to at all. It ices more than snows, but the temperature will most certainly be fridid compared to home. So, while I stock up on long underwear, fire wood and good hot chocolate to anticipate the artic freeze, I enjoy the open windows and the falling brown leaves. Those at lease remind me of home.


Miriam Smith October 17, 2005 11:38 AM  

Great job on keeping up with the running! My roomies and I 'trained' for the Tyler 5K, lol, we trained 2 days before and about died on race day!

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