Friday, October 28, 2005

Washing Away the Memories

So, today Danny and I decided to wash and vaccuum our very dirty cars (they have definately not been cleaned since WAY before the wedding two months ago, and after travelling across the country had more than a few layers of dirt inside and out!). And so, out came the sponges, soap, and buckets. And as I washed and then vaccuumed I realized that I was washing away the last of the TruLife evidence that had made it in my car all 1000 miles from Bryan, Texas to Greenville, South Carolina, that clung to my car and brought back floods of memories. Little by little the finger prints and smudge disappeared from my backseat windows as I chiseled away with Windex and a papertowel. Slowly, the sunflower seeds, koolaid powder, and last remnants of "weave" were sucked up through the 75 cents worth of vaccuum power in a corner of our apartment parking lot. As I cleaned I remember the faces that belonged to each little fingerprint, that had dropped each little sunflower seed, and that had kicked the back of my seat leaving muddy little shoe prints. What once was a pain and annoyance now seemed a treasure. Below are some pictures of the precious little "someones" who left big impressions on my heart.


Chris & Kristi November 02, 2005 7:41 PM  

I miss them SO much!!! What a blessing for them to have been a part of our lives!!

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