Sunday, November 13, 2005

Our Apartment

Well, thought ya'll might finally like to see where we are living . . . Things have finally come together and our apartment is feeling like a "home." As you'll see we're still missing a few things . . . I'll point those out along the way.
Entry Way

This is what you see when you walk in the front door.

The living room is to the left, kitchen is straight ahead, office is to the right, and bedroom is behind the kitchen.

Eating Area

Here's the kitchen from the front door.

That's our FABULOUS Walnut table we bought with wedding money. We feel like real adults shopping for and purchasing our own furniture.

Living Room
For those of you who saw our end tables & coffee table while we were still in TX - we have painted them off-white and they look much better!

The vertical blinds lead to our porch/balconey which is the current storage place for bikes, an old scooter, an old door, and the "Danny Loves Laura" sign.


For an apartment, the counterspace is AWESOME!


This is the view from the living room. Here you can see the beginnings of our cross wall.


Danny sitting at my messy desk. His desk is behind mine. The couch and bookshelves you see in the picture below are to the left of our desks.


Here's our bed with my favorite duvet cover from Pottery Barn. As you can see we're still missing night stands (we're using huge Tupperware boxes). In this picutre you can also see Danny's in-home theater creation at the ceiling above our bed. Humana (Danny's company) gave him a very nice Dell projector to use for work when doing seminars. He has not had to do any seminars so we hung a shelf, found some old computer speakers, and made our own large movie screen on the wall!

Here you can see our "in-home theater" on our wall above our mammoth dresser. Danny keeps his clothes in the drawers on the left and I keep my clothes in the drawers on the right (there's 12 drawers total) and we're happy. You can also see we still don't have any curtains up in the apartment - but that'll come eventually too.

Well, and there you have it. More than you ever wanted to see or know about our little abode. Hope you enjoyed your tour.


Miriam Smith November 14, 2005 1:32 PM  

BEAUTIFUL, love the decorating! Remember when I visited you in CS? You inspired me to buy a bunch of silver crosses, which hang behind me currently, on my black office walls.

Anonymous November 14, 2005 11:51 PM  

I am so glad that you have a friend, and a beautiful apartment and that Danny is still thinking! See, nothing has changed, you are still inviting strangers into your lives, and you are still tidy as ever, and Danny is still a dreamer. I hope to see you guys soon! I miss you as always!

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