Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kids Say the Darnest Things

Another classic quote from the darling kids at Sterling Community Center:

5 year old Christen & 4 year old Treasure: "Ms. Merline, why do your hands look like that?"

Ms. Merline: "Well, when you get older you get wrinkles and sometimes you can see your veins easier, and that's why my hands look like this."

Christen & Treasure: "Oh . . . well, the same thing happenin' to your face too!"

Ms. Merline works with the 4 & 5 year olds faithfully every Wednesday. She is a retired school teacher who just loves it so much she can't stop teaching kids how to read. She is extremely patient with her rambunctious little group, and always has positive encouragement ready for them, no matther how discouraging their behavior or attention span. She adores her grandchildren and could tell stories about them all day long. She passed this incident on to me with a chuckle after her tutoring session today.


Whitney February 23, 2006 9:16 AM  

So -Hi! We were talking the other day how we needed to read your blog to see what was new. It sounds like life is going great - especially with the debt getting paid off. Whew-we are with you on that one. Life sure seems a lot more expensive now than it used to, but at least we have a partner in crime to help. = )

I love marriage!!

Check out our blogs too and we can keep up in the least personal way imaginable. ; ) At least it is an entertaining way to spend time at work...

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