Friday, March 10, 2006

195 Days . . .

Today I am leaving for College Station, Texas . . . without my husband. The responsbility of the provider and protector calls him to stay in South Carolina and work, while I play the week away with TruLife kids at Camp Agape.

It has been 195 days since our first day as husband and wife. 195 days of joyful struggles. 195 of sharing life with the same person. 195 days of not sleeping by myself. 195 days of praying together before we go to bed. 195 days of waking up to "I Love You" and falling asleep to the same strong embrace. 195 days of falling deeper in love.

Tonight I will sleep by myself on someone's couch and tonight Danny will eat by himself the mac & cheese he makes so well. Tonight will break our streak of never spending a night apart. Tonight, for the first time in 195 days, we will have to say "goodnight" over the phone.


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