Monday, March 06, 2006

Guyz Nite Out (with Laura)

For Valentine's Day Danny got two tickets to the Freestyle Motorcross (FMX) show here in Greenville. So, this last Friday we had Guyz Nite Out - basically a date night where we did everything a guy would love to do!

First, came dinner at Fatz Cafe - a restaurant I never wanted to go to because it sounded like a grease ladened plateful of calories, but that actually turned out to be a very nice home cooked meal in a relaxing atmosphere. No peanut shells to throw on the floor here!

Next I became the middle seat wife and road in the center of the bench seat in Danny's truck (yes, he now has a truck, which is a blog for another day). After years of making fun of "middle-seat-girlfriends" and how they couldn't be apart from their significant other for a momet's ride, I caved out of love for my husband.

Finally, the evening culminated with a great FMX show at the Bi-Lo Center. The ramps and air were big and the stunts impressive. Check out all the pictures here:

On a finaly note, I can't end this blog without telling you how great Greenville is because there are so many rednecks. You will never cease to be amazed. We sat next to a 7 foot, 13 size shoe, pure country boy who spit his tobacco juice into a Mountain Dew bottle all night long. Wow.


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