Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Congratulations Joey!

My littlest brother, Jonathan, fondly known as Joey, Joey-Boy, Joe, Junior, Joe Nathan, Reeder, or Hey You, graduated from high school this month! He graduated with 33 other homeschool students at a great ceremony planned by the moms. The ceremony included a speaker, video slide show, a personalized charge to each graduate from their parents, diplomas, and a tossing of the cap. A reception followed (organized by my mom and her committee) that included cake and punch, beautiful decorations, and a table set-up by each graduate portraying their high school memories. Danny and I enjoyed a trip to Texas and I enjoyed seeing some old homeschool friends at Joey's graduation.
Congratulations Joey - we look forward to seeing you playing college ball and pursue Engineering! You'll be the smartest baseball playing engineer out there!

See all of the pictures at: thestillers.shutterfly.com


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