Wednesday, May 03, 2006

East Coast Road Trip 2006

Last weekend Danny and I flew up to New York to purchase a Toyota Camry from Uncle Stephen and to begin our impromptu East Coast Road Trip!
Here we are outside Nanoo & Poppi's house with the car ready to being our adventure.

We travelled through Manhattan, crossing over the Verazzano Bridge, which you see picture here with the setting sun.

We then travelled south, through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland, and finally making our stop at midnight in Washington D.C. We woke up the next morning thinking we'd just "drive by" the White House, take a picture, and continue home in time for a Sunday School social. Well, you can't just "drive by" the White House, when neither of you have ever been to D.C. before! So, we stopped and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

In D.C. the crosswalk counts down the seconds you have to cross the street. Danny enjoyed telling me how much time we had EVERY time we crossed a street - just in case I didn't understand the concept.

I think Danny liked taking his picture by this building more than even the White House, for he considers himself "head" of this department in our home!
(It says "Department of Thrift Supervision" in case you can't read it)

We walked all around the White House, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial. We could have spent hours more, so we hope to plan a trip back soon.

Here Danny is enjoying one of the highlights of the afternoon: reading the tributes to the many volunteers (i.e. those who started Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc.) who have impacted America. It was extremely interesting.

Here I am by a monument to Texas - our REAL home!

And finally, here is what the Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina highways look like - not nearly as exciting at Washington D.C., but beautiful all the same.

You can see all of the fun pictures we took on this trip at:


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