Monday, June 19, 2006

Big Ball O' Tape Contest

The 2nd Stiller Blog Contest!!!! As you pick yourself up off the floor because you fell out of your CHAIR, you're SO excited, let us explain. As you know, we have just finished painting quite a large house. What started out as a way to keep the used tape from laying messily all over the floor, turned into a fun "how big a tape ball can we make" game. Well, we couldn't keep all of this excitement to ourselves - so now it's your turn. Below are pictures of us with our GIGANTIC tape ball. Guess the weight of the ball and how many yards of tape it took to make this thing. Yup, you have until July 21st to submit your answer (via commenting on the blog, or emailing us). Another Stillerific prize (thanks Miriam for the word) will be awarded the winner!

In the event of multiple correct submissions, the entry submitted first will be deemed the winner, other correct entries will receive honorable mention prizes, to be determined later. In the absence of a winner, one entry will be chosen at random to receive the prize as well as Stiller Blogspot fame. One entry per person (multiple per household are accepted), first submission is only valid entry. Submissions received after the July 21st deadline are null and void and have no cash value. Contest may not be valid in all 50 states, void where prohibited. International viewers are eligible. Employees of “The Stiller, Inc.” and its subsidaries are prohibited. Once again, the contest deadline is July 21, 2006, so hurry while supplies last!

So, to restate, you must correctly guess:
- weight (in lbs.) of Ball O' Tape
- length of tape (in yards) that makes up the Ball O' Tape

Valid submissions will look like this:
982 lbs, 1,920,426,712 yards

Play Ball!

And remember, you are all winners (except those who lose).


Anonymous June 21, 2006 6:57 PM  

Ashley and Travis unamimously guess that the blue tape ball weighs:
15 lbs, and is 500 kyle field yards long

Anonymous June 23, 2006 1:57 AM  

8lbs & 300yards

Anonymous July 19, 2006 9:35 PM  

My guess is 3.5 lbs and 600 yards.
Aunt Sally

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