Friday, July 28, 2006

Going to the Chapel . . .

Well, the 2007 wedding season is, and has been, upon us. And, being the young newlyweds that we are, we rejoice with every couple. We love hearing the personalized vows, dancing at the receptions, eating the free meal, and throwing the rice, releasing the balloons, lighting the sparklers, or chunking the rose petals.

We also set up a savings account just to pay for all the presents. Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dillards, and Pottery Barn stay in business because of us and our many wedded friends.

So, being the creative wife that I am, and being that my husband finally began to set limits on what I could spend on dishes and bed sheets, I am now making wedding cards!

Hallmark is going to be knocking down my door offering me a job soon.

What better way to stop dipping into our future childrens' college fund . . .

What better way to share some personal experience from our last 11 months of marriage . . .

What better way to spend my free afternoons . . .

Here is the result.

What's the 10th great thing about being married you ask? Well, I couldn't give away all my creative secrets to the masses reading this blog, so you'll just have to wonder - or (if you're soon to be married) check your mailbox.

Congratulations to those who have, or will be, getting married this summer:
Scott & Alden, Daniel & Melinda, Sean & Mindy, Jon & Laura, Matt & Karen, and Stephanie & Adam.


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