Tuesday, August 08, 2006

When Danny's Away, the Wife Will Play . . .

. . . or just be lonely. Danny's been enjoying the fabulous weather up in Boston, MA while at a CityYear conference, and I have have been, well, doing exciting things.

All the laundry, ironing, cleaning, shopping, reading, and correspondence has been caught up since Monday. So, now I'm onto things like . . .

. . . refolding the fitted sheets . . .
. . . organizing the pots & pans cupboard . . .
. . . alphabetizing our cd collection . . .
. . . and thinking about what to get our family for Christmas in 2008.

What does one do without her husband in South Carolina?!

I can't exactly go canoeing down a river by myself. Exploring the trails of Sesquicentennial State Park is a little creepy alone. Hitting the restaurants solo is just depressing, and I can't even relish sleeping in the middle of our Queen size bed, I'm so use to my own side.

So, what does a wife do? She looks like this, that's what she does:

And then she tosses together a sad little dinner salad like this:So, hurry home, my love, before my face does this again:


Anonymous August 09, 2006 9:51 PM  


I am sorry, I will be home before you know it. I love you.


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