Friday, December 08, 2006

. . . and the game grows.

And the game grows. I don't even go to Living Hope and I've been tagged by the Living Hope blogger bug. If you don't know what I am talking about, well, then just skip this and go straight to the juicy stuff.

Five Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. I love clipping coupons. I hate reading the newspaper . . . that's another dialogue for another day, but I will dig through any newspaper for a coupon. I even organize them. It's a bad obsession. I spend Sunday afternoons sitting on the bed, watching a movie, clipping coupons, and sorting them into catagories. It's like a drug. It's become an addiction to find the best sales, use my coupons (that most likely will be doubled) and see how cheaply I can buy things. It's sick, I know. But the fact that I can cut out a little piece of paper from the newspaper and it be worth anyware from $.35 to $4.00 blows my mind. It's better than finding a five dollar bill in last year's coat pocket.

  2. If I had all the time/money in the world I would:
    • Become a photographer (a really good one, that took cool pictures and made people happy with their pictures).
    • Go to PA school and work in a hospital (just like Grey's Anatomy) and then go overseas and be a doctor in the middle of nowhere in Africa.
    • Get my masters in English literature (with an emphasis in African-American literurate) and teach college students to think, analyze, and enjoy learning.

  3. I would LOVE to live in the middle of the ghetto - anywhere - Dallas, Bryan, Chi-Town. I would love to live in the middle of poverty, in the middle of craziness, in the middle of hopelessness. I would want all the girls that live in the neighborhood to hang out at my house, and I would love on them. We would bake things together. They would ask me questions about their homework, about boys, about life, and we would talk. I would teach them how to clip coupons, how to take care of their babies, how to cook a healthy meal, how to have a quiet time. We would do life together, and I would be content living there, raising my kids there, and doing ministry there with Danny.

  4. Danny was the first, and will be the last, boy I ever kissed.

  5. I hate soggy cereal. I hate soggy cereal so much so that I put about a tablespoon of milk on my cheerios. Sometimes I just skip the milk step altogether. I throw the cereal in a bag and take it to work and eat it dry like a snack. People find that weird, gross . . . dry. But I would rather eat dry, scratchy, stick-in-your-throat frosted mini-wheaties than swallow a lump of sogginess. In fact, I am just not a big breakfast eater. I would rather eat lunch for breakfast than a stack of pancakes. When I went to Russia, the thing that made me want to move there was the fact that they eat bread, thick slices of cheese, and ham for breakfast. It was wonderful. No soggy cereal, no sticky sweet pancakes - just good ham, cheese, and bread.

    And, just for a bonus . . .

  6. I use to hate to cook, until I got married. Lucky Danny. Mom tried her hardest to raise me to be a good wife. I even had a night of the week that I was suppose to help her cook dinner, and then when I got older I had a night of the week that I was completely responsible for the entire meal. Joey, the youngest Reeder, use to make gourmet meals. He would spend hours planning, cooking and stirring away. Everything was always delicious; I think there were even parsley sprigs for decoration. However, the Reeder Family ate hot dogs and mac and cheese on my nights. I thought it was a waste of time. Why spend hours in the kitchen when you could heat up a Lean Cuisine. I am sure my mother lost sleep over my anti-cooking stubborness. And then I married Danny. I cooked him one meal, he scarfed it down and said, "That was wonderful." I was hooked. I could get praise just by mixing food together and putting it on the table? I dug out that old cookbook that Mom had me put together in high school and made very recipe in it. Danny complimented every single one. Even the burnt ones and the dry ones and the nasty ones. The Lord knew I needed to marry a non-picky eater. I even went to the library and borrowed cookbooks to find new recipes to try. If we had cable I would watch the Food Network incessantly. My mother is still dumbfounded to this day at the change that occurred in her daughter.

And, since I gave you six things about me, then I also tag six people to tell us five things we don't know about them on their blog: Danny, Kelly, Alisha, Kristi, Whitney and Miriam.


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