Monday, December 04, 2006

Cutting the Christmas Tree

The time of year has come when we need a Christmas tree in our apartment. And not just any Christmas tree. A little apartment-size, Charlie Brown tree will not due - we love Christmas too much. And we're from Texas. So we must celebrate big and large and for weeks on end.

Last year we got a fresh Frazer Fur in Greenville. That was my first real tree EVER! When you have a little brother that is allergic to everything, so much so that he gets poison ivy just by walking past it, you get use to fluffing up the artificial tree every December.

Well, in order to out do ourselves this year, we decided we needed to cut down our own tree. Tree Killers - that's us.

I took so many pictures we could practically make a flip book. You could see us in action! However, I will spare you and just give you a play-by-play instead. That way, if you ever want to cut down your own tree, you'll know the exact steps you need to take. Consider this a little Stiller Instruction Manual.

Here we are, pre-cutting, pre-crawling under the tree, pre-itching, pre-tree owners. Here's Danny under the "perfect" tree we picked out, trying to figure out the best way to saw the big boy down.
Mission accompolished. My strong man sawed through that trunk in under five minutes.
The Jeep at work again. Useful for carrying all things related to Christmas!
Installing the tree stand.
Looking a little scraggly all wrapped up, but just wait!
And Wha-la.

We have a Christmas tree the size of Texas in our living room. Granted, it's so big the coffee table is pushed up against the couch, so it acts more like an attached foot rest than a coaster holder. But, that's okay. We forego all comfort when celebrating Christmas. I only get one month out of the year to put up twinkle lights, burn cinnamon candles, and play Christmas music. I'd sleep on the floor before giving up my Christmas.

Just in case you did want to make a flip book, all pictures will appear here soon!


Miriam Smith December 05, 2006 9:45 AM  

Cute tree! I hotmailed my address over to you, I need yours too!

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