Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

The conversation went something like this:

Laura: "We have free orchestra tickets for Saturday."

Danny: "Cool" (eyes perk up)

Laura: "We can get dressed up for a fun date night."

Danny: "Cool" (slightly less enthusiastic)

Laura: "Will you wear a tie?"

Danny: "A tie?" (now slightly grimacing as if being forced to watch a whole season of the Gilmore Girls with me.)

Laura: "Frank's wearing a tie."

Danny: "Where the phone - I need to call Frank." (almost frantically searching the room for his phone.)

Well, not only did Danny wear a tie, he wore a blazer, and that was ALL his own idea.

And so we had a night on the town.

First we got dressed up.

Then we went to dinner at Chic-fil-a. Not exactly a five-star restaurant that you'd read about in Guide, but a restaurant that has five-stars according to our wallet. Plus, just call it fine French cuisine, pronounce it SHEEK-fil-a and it feels little more like fine dining. We like to trick ourselves into thinking we're sophisticated Dallasites.

Frank & Kristen met up with us in Dallas, and we sipped coffee and enjoyed dessert in the Meyerson foyer.

And finally, we were thoroughly entertained by Andrew Litton and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Our FREE seats were so close that we could have spit on the stage, but that would have been the wrong activity and the wrong venue. Here's Kristin's illegal picture inside the Meyerson:


Miriam September 14, 2007 8:23 AM  

Awesome seats!! I wanted to go but didn't have a date...let me know next time you have tickets!!

Chris & Kristi September 16, 2007 5:24 PM  

Oh Laura! I just read your latest blogs. I miss College Station so much sometimes!!! It makes me sad to think that I've already passed that stage in life. On a cheerier note, congratulations on your two year anniversary!! Hope you guys are enjoying Dallas!

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