Thursday, June 03, 2010

Labor & Delivery Resources - Part 2 - Fun Recommendations

Okay, after all of those books what else could I possibly have time for in regards to learning about childbirth? All of the fun stuff!

Here I'll share some of the fun resources I've come across regarding pregnancy and becoming a parent.


  • Pregtastic - This is a podcast I found on iTunes by pregnant women for pregnant women. I am not a podcast kind of girl. It's all I can do to make it through one sermon - so the fact that I'm recommending a podcast to you tells you a) that it's good and b) it really captivated me.

    I didn't listen to these podcasts in order, instead, I went through the iTunes archives and downloaded the episodes that I wanted to learn more about: water birth, epidurals, strollers, baby registries, Birthing from Within, the Bradley method, etc.

    It seems that Pregtastic has covered every topic possible. They also podcast various birth stories from the women on their show, which was an encouraging reminder to me that women survive childbirth every day!

Nursery & Decorating Ideas:

These were a few blogs that I was particularly inspired by and from which I stole most of my creative ideas.
Photography Inspiration:
I'd love to know of any other fun pregnancy/childbirth resources ya'll have come across and LOVE!

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