Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cannon - Day 4 & 5 (7/12/10 & 7/13/10)

I know this is the honeymoon stage.

I know colic usually kicks in around two weeks (Both Danny and I had colic as babies, but we are praying that colic skips every other generation. :-). 

And, I know newborns are usually good sleepers because they are worn out from the trauma of birth (heck, I'm worn out from the trauma of birth). 

But, I also must say, my child has "baby-wised" himself.  He wakes up pretty much every three hours on the dot to eat. 

And so, most of my pictures are of him asleep - because that's what he does.

Cannon Day 4-0578

Cannon Day 4-0582

Cannon Day 4-0549

Cannon Day 4-0556

Cannon Day 4-0558

Cannon Day 4-0560

Cannon Day 4-0561

Danny wanted a picture to remember just how small Cannon was and just how well he fit in his hands and on his chest.

Cannon Day 4-0565

Cannon Day 4-0573

Cannon Day 4-0575

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