Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cannon - Day 21 (7/29/10)

Cannon doesn't give up easily, so just one day after mashing his face into the floor, he gave head lifting yet another try.

Cannon Day 21 - 01

Things still were not working out just the way he wanted.

Cannon Day 21 - 02

So he pouted and threw his first fit.

Cannon Day 21 - 03

But he kept trying until his back and neck burned from his intense workout, and he face planted into the floor.

Cannon Day 21 - 04

View from the top:

Cannon Day 21 - 05

View from the bottom: 

Cannon Day 21 - 06

Hoping I'm soaking up these sweet moments when his fingers wrap around mine, when his little body fits across my belly and his little eyes pierce mine with their dependency.

Cannon Day 21 - 07

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