Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cannon - Week 12 (9/30/10)

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We're about to do a quick catch up on Cannon's growth.

Week 12 he started grabbing onto things. He can hold on to his own shirt, my shirt and any blanket or burp cloth within reach.  We brought out his activity for the first time last week (Week 11) and left one hanging toy on it so as not to overwhelm him. He would "hit" the frog simply because it happened to be in the way of his flailing hand. But this week his eyes are focusing more and more on the hanging, jingling frog and he can swat at it if he concentrates really hard.

He is verbalizing more and more. We are hearing him coo, grunt, and say a guttural "guh" sound. It's SO fun. 

There is definite fourth trimester we're emerging from and it makes are days so much more interesting and interactive!

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