Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cannon at 4 Months

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Dear Sweet Cannon, our first grandchild,

In just four short months, our smiles are more frequent and much wider, our joy can’t be contained, and our love is overflowing.  How could we have ever imagined the joy of being grandparents before you were born?  Papa and I are so blessed to be grandparents and to live close enough to enjoy babysitting and cuddling with you.  It is so wonderful to wrap my arms around you as you nestle under my chin and sleep so peacefully.  Love just engulfs me as I hold you, and my thoughts return to almost 29 years ago when your mother was born.

I rocked your mother in this same rocker, and yes, in the very same home where your mother grew up.  How I loved rocking your mother and your uncles when they were babies.  Time has quickly passed, and I am finding such joy in being Nana and rocking you in this very same rocker.  I walked your mother around our home to soothe her, and I find that you too find comfort and solace as I hold you tightly, walk the same worn paths, and softly sing to you.  I remember thanking God for the privilege of walking the neighborhood with your mother in a stroller, and now I am again thanking God as I push my grandson along the same sidewalks and stroll beneath the tall pecan and oak trees.  Our walks haven’t taken us around the lake yet, but I hope by next spring we will venture out further.   I look forward to showing you the bridge over the creek where we race stick boats, the fields of prairie grasses, the lake, and the woods that hold so many cherished memories and stories.  Remind me to tell you about our big “bear hunt” and poetry recital in the woods someday.   I look forward to sharing these stories with you and making many more memories with you.

How tickled we were when we saw your first smiles.  Your smiles are so contagious, and I am smiling big as I write this note just thinking of you!  Your mother and father have given us beautiful photos of you, and I am a proud Nana showing off my precious grandson to friends at church, to neighbors, coworkers, and yes, even my dentist!  I’ve learned that grandmas need purses with an outside pocket, so photos are easily accessed!

I enjoy reading rhyming books to you, and we are currently reading Dr. Seuss’ stories such as Yertle the Turtle and Mother Goose poems.  Two days ago while I was reading to you, you turned your head around to stare at me as if to say, "How do you make all those sounds?"  Then you kicked your legs, and waved your arms, and I wasn’t sure if this meant “I just love reading” or “I’ve had enough – Stop!”  Be patient, I’ll figure it out soon. Your grabbing skills are improving, and you are grabbing your toes and my nose.  Soon you’ll be grabbing the pages of the book and turning the pages for yourself! 

Just last week, our entire family gathered together in our home for dinner and to watch our Texas Rangers in the World Series.  You fell asleep on Papa’s chest, and Papa looked at you and all our children gathered around and said, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

And to that, I say, “Amen.”


Nana Linda

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