Friday, June 10, 2011

The One Where We Try to Pick Blueberries

Mom and I wanted to picked blueberries this summer. We wanted to pick buckets and buckets and freeze them to last all summer and fall. So, we headed out to The Berry Patch in Sadler, Texas. Cannon was a trooper in the car, in the stroller, on his blanket under the tree, wherever. 

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Unfortunately, we scoured the entire patch and came up with this . . .

Mom was persistent and even trekked to the far ends of the patch hoping to find some undiscovered blueberry bush loaded down with plump berries. There was no secret bush to be found. 

So, we parked it in front of the fans to cool off and rehydrate while Mom bought already picked berries for us to take home. 

Maybe next summer we'll have better luck and come home with buckets of berries like this.

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