Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby #2 Belly - Week 15

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I really can't believe it's time to start taking belly pictures. I started taking them at 15 Weeks with Cannon - so let Baby #2 not be left behind. 

Baby #2 and I are well into the 2nd trimester and are STILL waiting for the fatigue and nausea to fade away. I have a feeling those will just be ever present reminders of the little life inside of me throughout all three trimesters. Some days are just two nap days.

I wish I could say I was one of those pregnant mamas that craved all things healthy and good like broccoli, salmon and green smoothies. Unfortunately no. I crave Pop Tarts (yes, Pop Tarts, since when have I had a Pop Tart, GROSS!), Chick-fil-a and of course, my pregnancy staple, chocolate shakes. So, here's to staying strong against the cravings and trying not to have the biggest pregnancy ever.

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