Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Play Date with Chandler

There once was a time when I got a crazy idea to road trip to College Station by myself with Cannon to visit our friends the Groves and attend an activity bag swap (post forthcoming!).

It was a little chaotic, but we made it in one piece and had a blast!

SIDE NOTE: If you have suggestions on what to do with your toddler (who's NOT walking yet) while you use a fast food restaurant's bathroom - I'd LOVE to hear them. I ended up just deciding I didn't have to go that bad because there was NO way I could hold him or put him on the floor. I did contemplate rolling him into the bathroom in the high chair, but that just seemed plain weird.

Chandler is three weeks younger than Cannon and it was fun to watch them interact. They both LOVE the same Fisher Price walker, so it was often like the dueling walkers in the Groves' living room.

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