Thursday, September 08, 2011

Cannon at 14 Months

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This is the month of imitation for Cannon. He has started doing EVERYTHING we are doing. He will wipe his mouth with a napkin, rub his hands together (usually when I'm using lotion or antibacterial gel after changing his diaper), and try to eat with a spoon or fork during his meals.

Everyone tells me that I should enjoy this time before he's officially walking, but really, between army crawling, real crawling and pushing his walker around he gets EVERYWHERE that he wants to go. I suppose that he'll get fast once he doesn't have to use his "walker."

Cannon is getting better and better at communicating. He has added "hurt" and "help" to his signing vocabulary (he now signs; milk, eat, more, please, all done, hurt, and help). He doesn't always sign them on his own, but can do them when I ask if he needs help. We're currently working on adding "dirty diaper," "sleepy," and "thank you" to his repertoire. 

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