Friday, September 09, 2011

Cannon's Schedule at One Year

I've often wished I would have recorded Cannon's schedule every few months to help my memory. Mom's are often asking me at watch age Cannon went from two to three naps, when he started eating three solid meals a day, etc. And amazingly, I'm already starting to forget! Well, I figure there's no better time to start than now.

Cannon's schedule at one year looks like this:

7:30 am           Wake up
8:00 am           Eat breakfast
9:00 am           Play or go for a walk
9:30 am           Nap #1
11:30 am         Wake Up
12:00 pm         Eat lunch
1:00 pm           Play, go to a meet-up group, go to the library, hang out w/ Mommy
2:30 pm           Nap #2
4:30 pm           Wake Up & Eat snack
5:00 pm           Play with Daddy
6:00 pm           Dinner as a family
7:00 pm           Bath Time
7:30 pm           Bed Time

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