Saturday, October 08, 2011

Cannon at 15 Months

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Cannon - could you really get any cuter?

This month Cannon started standing unassisted, taking a few steps alone, and pushing his lawn mower around all by himself. He is on the verge of walking!

He also started acting "surprised," giving kisses when asked, and had his very first (but I'm sure not last) visit to the fire station.

I feel like Cannon's signs and communication are exploding. It's so fun to understand what he's saying. His signs are more consistent and more accurate and we have now added "thank you" and "dog" to the signing vocabulary.

Cannon's enjoying reading more and more. No longer do I have to read while he crawls around me and plays. He will bring me a book and want to sit in my lap and look at the pictures. He doesn't usually have the patience for stories, but enjoys pointing this out in the pictures. His favorite books have real photos and usually include pictures of balloons and balls!

Two molars having been coming in this month for what seems like weeks. The top and bottom molars on Cannon's right side finally broke through (so we're up to 10 teeth) but I still think they might be the cause of some of our increased "fussiness."

The only other big news this month was that we started the transition from two naps a day to one. I was trying to wait until Baby Brother arrived, but the inconsistent naps were driving our social calendar haywire, so I decided to just bite the bullet. For two weeks it's been a little bit crazy with Cannon sometimes sneaking in a quick catnap before dinner, but we're getting there.

And that is Cannon's 15th month!

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