Friday, October 21, 2011

Cannon's Schedule at 15 Months

We've pretty much transitioned to one nap a day, so now our day looks completely different from when I wrote this post about Cannon's Schedule at One Year. 

Changing from two naps to one has been a little bit rough for us. I wasn't going to change Cannon's schedule until the new baby arrived. I figured my whole life would be in upheaval, what's one more adjustment. However, Cannon had other plans. Some days he wouldn't fall asleep for either his morning or afternoon nap for an hour. Some days he would only sleep for 30-45 minutes. Two naps a day just wasn't working for us any more. So, I bit the bullet and decided we would make the leap. 

Most days he does one nap beautifully, sleeping at least three hours. Other days he sleeps for two hours and needs a cat nap before dinner. But for now, this is pretty much our typical day.

8:00 am           Wake up
8:30 am           Eat breakfast
9:30 am           Play, go for walk, run errands, go to library
11:30 am         Nap
3:30 pm           Eat lunch
4:30 pm           Play or do chores around the house while waiting for Daddy to come home from work
5:30 pm           Play with Daddy
6:30 pm           Dinner as a family
7:30 pm           Bath Time
8:00 pm          Bed Time

And yes, some time between Cannon's first birthday and now he's transitioned to sleeping later. I LOVE it! I can get up, eat a bite, have a quiet time and get breakfast going for him all before he wakes up.

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