Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Name Game . . . Round 2

**DISCLAIMER: I'm about to disclose our favorite baby names for this second son of ours. Obviously we like these names. SOOOOO, if you were bullied and traumatized on the school playground by a kid with one of these names and cannot EVER imagine naming a child that - please just make a note of that for your own future reference and refrain from anything but positive comments.Thanks! :-)**

We have a list of 10 names folks!

I'm not allowed to add any names to the list once we pick the Top 10. That's my rule for myself. You see, I have a problem. It's called, "I can't make a decision because there might be a name I like better that I just haven't heard yet" syndrome. It causes me to flip through baby name books obsessively and waste time on sites like Nymbler. So, we're 10 names closer to naming our son.

We played a fun little name game with Cannon here on the blog - but we're just going to skip that step and tell you what we're liking these days.


There you have it. We took 38 weeks to pick Cannon. I'm going to set the bar high and say we'll have this baby named by 36 weeks.

Surprisingly the only name that made it from Cannon's list of names was Ashton.

If you're dying to play a guessing game, you can go ahead and take a swing at which names were Danny's contributions to the list.

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