Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Perfect Blend of Us

Little things about Cannon reveal that he is the perfect blend of both Danny and me. He has a little cleft in his chin, just like Danny. He looks just like my baby pictures when he acts surprised. Danny's brown eyes peer out at me from Cannon's tiny face, and he has my long, long fingers. 

Last weekend his love of breakfast also revealed that he is indeed our child.  

Cannon devoured his bagel and cream cheese - a Stiller family favorite. But not only that, he licked off all of the cream cheese first, which proves he is Danny's child because just like his father he likes a little bagel with his cream cheese.

And then, the very next day I cooked up a pot of Cream of Wheat - a Saturday morning tradition for the Reeder family - and he engulfed as much as I did. 

What can I say? The kid loves his food!

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