Friday, January 27, 2012

Park Days with Glammy

Cannon, you probably won't remember these days except for hearing stories and seeing pictures. But if you could remember you'd probably wish for a new sibling every Christmas. 

Cason's arrival has been that almost every day Glammy has come and whisked you away to a little piece of toddler heaven: the park. You feed the ducks, swing, ride the bouncy green frog, go down the slide and DRIVE GLAMMY'S car. 

One day she came to pick you up and returned an hour later with you beaming from ear to ear. I asked how the park was and Glammy replied that ya'll had never left the driveway. You'd simply sat in the front of her car playing with the steering wheel, dancing to the radio and figuring out the windshield wipes. She let me know I may never be able to get you in your carseat again. :-)

What fun you have being the center of attention one last time before Cason's old enough to keep up with you and fight you for the spotlight!

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