Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Treasure Box

I have all kinds of tricks up my sleeve for occupying Cannon on rough days, when I need to nurse, when the weather's too cold to leave the house, etc. Some days I pull out all the stops and it seems like we're flying through ALL of my activities, other days one new toy is enough to last us all day.

I've put away Christmas presents for a fun surprise, there's a plethora of activity bags tucked in the office closet, new apps are downloaded on the iPhone, the quiet book is waiting on the mantle, and there's this "treasure box." It's filled with odds and ends (jewelry boxes, empty spools, old remotes, finger puppets, etc.) and Cannon LOVES going through it piece by piece, taking things apart, putting things back together, and exploring the trinkets.

And what boy doesn't LOVE the moment Daddy comes home from work?

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