Friday, February 03, 2012

Cason - Week 4

It SEEMS like Cason is handling my milk supply a little better, although we still have plenty of choking/gagging/spitting up moments.

I packed away 90% of the newborn clothes and washed all of the 0-3 month outfits/onesies. I was a little emotional that he's growing so fast. Did Cannon grow this quickly?

Cason SMILED! It was a beautiful, wide-mouth grin over and over and over again.

My friends, Kristin and Judy, threw us the cutest little Sip & See so our friends could meet Cason in person. It was the perfect way to celebrate the newest Stiller. Our home group also started bringing us delicious meals this week. I don't think I would be surviving without friends and family looking out for our meals.

I took my first walk to the park by myself with both boys. Cannon rode in the Bob Stroller while I wore Cason in the Baby K'Tan. Cason slept pretty much the entire time and Cannon and I enjoyed the fresh air.

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