Monday, March 05, 2012

Oh "Signing Time" how we love thee

I started signing with Cannon when he was only a few months old. I kept it simple and only signed milk, more, eat and please. Somewhere around 11 months he started signing those four words.  Somewhere around 15-16 months he started picking up signs very quickly - as in - he could have learned a new word each day if my signing vocabulary were that large. 

I was mainly looking up words that we used frequently on the Baby Sign Language website. Then my friend, Chelsea, told me about the Signing Time videos and the Allen Library had them! We watch them occasionally at lunch (when I'm tired and need a break from conversing with a 19 month old). As you'll see in the first video, Cannon LOVES them and tries to sign along to the theme song. And, you'll see in the following two videos that he knows quite a few words, although some of his signs might only be clear to Mama and he's mildly obsessed with APPLES!

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