Friday, April 20, 2012

Cason - Week 15

Probably 14ish lbs - we call him our Chunky Monkey.

3-6 months

He's wearing 6 month foot pjs when it's at all cool.

Eating around five times a day and taking three naps a day.

Another off week. He's waking every 3 hours at night. Apparently Cason can only sleep through the night one week at a time.

I let Cason nap in his crib for the first time this week. He did great. I also took out the bassinet insert on the pack n' play, so Cason's sleeping in it like a big boy! He also about takes out your back lifting him up from the ground.

Every three hours around the clock. Another growth spurt?



His crib - although it will be a while before I let the boys sleep in the same room. I love my nap time too much and want them to both sleep as much as possible before waking each other up!

Not feeling 100%, and he lets us know by waking us every three hours.

My allergies have been killer, so I'm wondering if allergies are affecting Cason and waking him up at night. I'll look for anything on which to blame the sleepless nights!

On Friday Cason finally had a fever that got up to 101.4. I'm wondering, since he hasn't slept well all week if he's had a little bug.

We have Cason on a delayed vaccination schedule, so we got to visit the doctor's office for his Hib and Pc vaccinations this week.

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