Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cason's Schedule at 3 Months

At 12 weeks Cason is settling into a little schedule of his own. Granted half of his naps are taken in the bouncer or being worn on me, but it's a schedule none-the-less!

7:00 am          Wake up & Nurse
8:30 am          Nap #1
                      (This is the nap that gets interrupted for our morning activities, but Cason rolls with it!)
9:30 am          Wake up & Nurse 
                       (a last minute snack before we run out the door)
10:00 am        Nap #1 continued 
                       (in the car, in the Moby Wrap or in the stroller depending on what we're doing that day)
12:00 pm        Nurse
1:00 pm          Nap #2 
                       (same time as Cannon)
4:00 pm          Wake up & Nurse 
                          (are you seeing a theme here?)
4:30 pm          Play time on floor
5:30 pm          Nap #3
6:30 pm          Wake & Play
7:00 pm          Nurse 
7:30 pm          Bed Time
10:30 pm        Nurse before I go to bed
5:30 pm          Cason wakes up to nurse

So, to recap - that's three naps and seven feedings in 24 hours! He can stay awake for about and hour to and hour and a half in between naps and can go 3-4 hours in between feedings.

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