Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Cannon and I started smoking....

That's right.  Cannon and I started smoking with my latest project a UDS smoker.  Google it for more details if you are interested.  And, since I only blog about once a year, it is unlikely I will get to blogging the UDS build, although I did take pictures and videos.

Above are pictures of the first thing I smoked.  It is called a Fatty, or Bacon explosion.  For a recipe, google "Bacon Explosion Recipe".  I think the normal blogging thing to do here is to link to other people's blogs for these recipes and stuff but I am amateur.

Yes that is a square of sausage and a bacon lattice.  Thick cut.  Peppered.  Bacon.

Once again, not a pro blogger, but that is the sausage square loaded up with sharp cheddar cheese and roasted peppers.  I am not taking the time to figure out how to rotate these pictures that are sideways. 

Here it is rolled up before it is wrapped in the bacon lattice.
 Here is the smoker.

 Here is the fire basket with some mesquite wood loaded up

 Getting some charcoal fired up
 Fired up coal on the coal in the fire basket so it can burn low and slow.

 Looks good.  Yes, that is bacon.

 I put the meal in foil to cool.

 Cannon anticipating the smokey bacon goodness.

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