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Cason at 4 Months

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Dear Cason,

It was just four months ago that you entered this world and immediately had a place in our hearts and in our family.  In the early morning hours of the January 6, Papa and I found ourselves thanking God and praising Him for His goodness.  God has richly blessed our family.  We were filled with such overwhelming joy at your arrival! 

On the day prior to your arrival, Papa and I were enjoying time with your older brother, Cannon, in our home.  Before going to bed, we placed both our cell phones nearby, so your parents could reach us at any hour.  When Papa and I were born in the 1950s, communication devices were not cell phones but were landline rotary phones with party lines!  Times have greatly changed, but the abundant joy experienced with the birth of each baby is still the same with each generation   Cannon woke up around 1 a.m., and after a drink of water and a short time of cuddling, he easily returned to his bed and was quickly sound asleep.  Perhaps he sensed that you, his little brother, was soon to arrive.

At 3:11 a.m., I awoke to hear a cellphone ringing.  The next moment I was up scrambling to grab my phone and then frantically hunting for Papa’s phone in the darkness, which was actually the one ringing.  Your Daddy informed me that they were leaving for the birthing center and would call us when you were born.  My thoughts quickly turned to our daughter, your Mama, and I could feel tears welling up in my eyes as I knew what she was experiencing.  Prayers for both her strength and your well-being were offered.   My first instinct was to shower and to dress, because I knew that your Mama would have a photographer recording this momentous occasion.  Papa’s first instinct was to eat breakfast!   Ha!  As you grow up you will discover many more differences between girls and boys, and I’ll be glad to add my insights!  Regardless of our different approaches, we were both ready and excited when your Daddy called after 4 a.m. to inform us of your arrival. 

       Cannon woke up happy and in no time, Papa, Uncle Jonathan, Cannon, and I were on route to the birthing center.  We travelled in the darkness with extremely sparse traffic on Central Expressway which is quite an unusual sight.  We were filled with so much excitement and couldn’t wait to see you and your Mama and Daddy!  We pulled up to an old, beautifully updated Victorian home, built 102 years ago, in Allen and hurried inside. Our first tip that you arrived very quickly was a car parked askew in the front, as if hastily parked.  We saw no one on the first floor and searched to turn on the lights in the waiting room.  We then opened our bag of toys to entertain Cannon until it was our time to see you.  

Uncle Matt and Aunt Mandy arrived with all smiles, and before long, it was our family’s turn to meet you, our new grandson, Cason Reed Stiller.  Our family hurried upstairs and saw your Mama holding a tiny bundle, your Daddy, and big brother, Cannon, cuddling together in a most elaborate bed.  The candles flickered on the fireplace mantle lending an air of tranquility and calmness.   It was quite a serene and comfortable setting.  You were so beautiful and each of us delighted in cuddling you, looking into your deep eyes, and marveling at God’s miracle of birth.  All of us were thrilled and thankful to God that you had arrived safely, that your Mama was well, and that we had a brand new grandson to love! 

You are growing so quickly these past four months.  It was my joy and privilege to watch you at one month old while your Mama went to a doctor’s appointment.  How I love cuddling you! 

At two months old, you would greet me with numerous smiles when our eyes met!  Papa and I were honored to watch you on your parent’s first date following your birth.  You quickly fell asleep as I walked the well-worn floors of our home with you.  Once while babysitting you at your Allen home, I was pleased to discover how bouncing gently on your Daddy’s big exercise ball soothed you and lulled you to sleep.
       At 3+ months, I am amazed at your babbling and “talking”.  On Papa’s birthday, May 4th, you were joining in the dinner conversation and held the floor for quite a spell.  I look forward to many great conversations with you, to discovering your interests, and passing along many family stories.
        Papa recently asked me for gift ideas for Mother’s Day, and after contemplating different ideas, I found several new picture books about knights and Godly character to add to my book collection.  One of my favorite memories with my children was cuddling and reading books together, and I am looking forward to reading many, many stories to you, too.

I pray that we have many years together, and that I may share my love for Jesus with you.  My prayer for you is that God will richly bless you, that you may develop a close relationship with Jesus, and that God may guide you all the days of your life.

Welcome to our family, Cason.   

All my love,

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