Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Best Buds

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Every so often, Cannon will get a hankering to "hold" his baby brother. It use to be a precarious set up, as Cason couldn't hold his head up. Now, the problem is becoming Cason seems almost as big as Cannon. I'm sure this pose on the bed won't work for much longer.

And here they are at one month and 19 months.

Cannon LOVES giving kisses, and will often shower them on Cason unprompted, especially at bedtime.

He's also generous with the squeezes and tugs and jerks.

Sometimes, they are so sweet together, I want to just bottle it up so in a few years (or months) when sibling rivalry is in full swing I can open that bottle of sweetness and remind them what loving brothers they can be.

(Yes, Cannon is taking care of Cason and wiping up his drool. Cannon is the FIRST to notice spit up or drool and will often start shouting "BUP COTH" way before I even realize there's a mess!)

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