Friday, June 08, 2012

Cannon at 23 Months

24 month and 2T fit great, although some 24 month shorts are getting snug on his cloth diapered bottom.

Sleeps 11 hours at night and 2-3 hours at his nap. He's a champ!

Something happened this month. He started eating . . . everything! Maybe a growth spurt kicked in? He'll eat veggies (even broccoli!), meats, and pastas - all of which he avoided before.

This was a huge month verbally for Cannon, so get ready:

He's repeating EVERYTHING. I've officially stopped recording his new words. I just can't keep up! 

I will say he's started saying "Dat mine" for everything. It can be his toy, another kids toy or the slide at the park. He claims it as his. Let the parenting begin.

He's also putting two words into a sentence. The sentences usually involve the words MORE or TOO.

Cannon also narrates everything he does: "Bug! Sit! Watch" (which means he's seen a bug and he wants to sit and watch it.

He still have 16 teeth.

Cannon LOVES calling out BEE truck every time he sees a big truck when we're driving around town.

Books are also becoming a solid favorite. He can sit through picture books, not just board books. A few favorites this months include "Down by the Station" and Eric Carle's "My First Shapes."

Cannon also loves playing/sharing with Cason. I'll walk into the room to see Cannon drilling and Cason resting with a Saws-All on his belly. 

His favorite activities this month include snapping buckles closed and hitting a ball with a bat. Everything is a bat (drumstick, rolling pin, paper towel tube, you name it and it's a bat). And if no one will play baseball with him, don't worry, he'll play golf by himself!

Cannon doesn't like it when I'm holding/nursing Cason if he also wants to be held at that moment. He also doesn't usually like to share my lap. If we're reading a book he wants Cason on the floor, in the bouncer or on his activity mat and will often tell me this by yelling BABY! and running and point to the bouncer.

Oh, and ANTS! We dislike ants alot!

He walked into his first and second anthill this month. Apparently I need to teach him what anthills look like.  The first time I was close by and he only got a few bites. The second time I was across a courtyard and couldn't run fast enough. Another mom tried to help me get the ants off there were so many. We were dumping water all over his poor feet and had him stripped down to his diaper in seconds. After a trip to CVS and a call to the pediatrician I gave him some Benadryl, applied hydrocortisone cream and put him down for a long nap. For weeks afterwards he will point to his foot and say "Ant. Hurt." :-(

Cannon can identify A, B, C, D, O and T and will try to copy my "O" when we're coloring.

He can also identify things in books that he has seen around the house. Reading often takens twice as long because everything other page we have to stop so he can run and get his tennis ball/teddy bear/blanket/etc. and match it to the one in the book. 

Cannon can climb up into his booster seat all by himself and on occasion even get the buckle snapped shut. 

What a big month we had! Whew! 

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