Thursday, June 21, 2012

Toddler Wearing

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I survive life with two little boys by babywearing. It use to be that I wore Cason ALL THE TIME. He was small enough that I could wrap him onto my chest, he would fall asleep and I could do whatever I wanted.

Now that he's getting bigger I'm having to learn other ways to wear the kiddos that doesn't make me feel like I'm going to tip forward and face plant into the ground. Thanks to YouTube, some Nappy Shoppe friends, and Kristin's borrowed wrap, I'm learning to use woven wraps to carry the kids.

Friends have often asked me how Cannon has adjusted to having a little brother. Overall, he's been great. I haven't noticed huge bouts of "regression," except in wanting to be held ALOT more. Often I'll tell him that if he wants "up" he'll have to get on my back. Sometimes he chooses to go about his day and play, other times he's content up there for 30-60 minutes while I clean or cook. I must say, it's quite the workout to bend over or squat down carrying a 30 lb child on your back, but I just consider it my workout of the day!

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