Sunday, July 08, 2012

Cannon at 24 Months

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2T with a few 3T shorts that I accidentally picked up at the thrift sale. They are a little baggy but fit okay over his cloth diapers. 

Sleeps 11 hours at night and 2-3 hours at his nap. 

Still prefers ALL fruits and sweets (he can spy chocolate and cookies from MILES away) but is eating more proteins and vegetables. Sometimes we have to spoon feed him or ask him specifically to eat a bit of [insert meat/veggie here] but he pretty much always complies. 

He's pretty much talking more than he's signing these days, although he still LOVES to watch "Signing Time" so he'll pick up a few new signs here and there to use when I don't understand a word he says. His random word this month to say and sign was "porcupine." Can you even imagine how long it took me to decipher what he was saying/signing since I hadn't watched that video with him?

Cannon has cute little nicknames for his favorite things: Uncle Key (aka: Uncle Chris), Uncle JoJo (Uncle Joey), Aunt Mana (Aunt Mandy), Gibee (Glammy), Nut (Squirrel), and Hut Ball (Football).

His enunciation has improved drastically. When he says "all done" it actually sounds like "all done" instead of "un."

Cannon has finally started saying his own name and will even refer to himself in third person.

17 TEETH! The first 2-year molar is popping through. Either it's coming in really fast or I haven't looked in Cannon's mouth in a while because it's almost entirely in and I hadn't noticed a thing.

Books are still a big favorite. His current love is Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and A Sick Day for Amos McGee.

Cannon loves to point out the "sheep" in the sky when we're on our morning runs. :-)

SAND! The poor boy (or smart boy) sat in a beach chair for the first two hours we were at the beach because he got so annoyed when the sand stuck to his feet. He had Mykie and Glammy bringing him drinks, snacks and wiping off his feet. 

Cannon got 3-4 mosquito bites on his forehead/temple that caused his forehead and bridge of his nose to swell drastically for 3-4 days. The doctor said that swelling was normal for bug bites on the face and not to worry about giving him benedryl unless he seemed uncomfortable. As far as I could tell he didn't even acknowledge that the bites were there.

He also had a mild cough which was probably caught from Cason, but didn't end up turning into anything else.

While this was Cannon's third flight to New York to visit the Morse Family, he did have his first subway/train ride and his first official Sabrett hot dog in Central Park. He was a big fan of both.

He's made progress from everything being the color BLUE to correctly identifying yellow, orange, red, blue, green, brown, pink and white when asked. He will verbally call out blue, green, white, red and pink when you ask him what color something is.

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