Friday, July 06, 2012

Cason's Schedule at 6 Months

Six months and Cason is rocking his schedule like a pro. I think my baby's Babywise themselves essentially. Actually, I think Babywise just observed some babies and wrote down the schedule they did naturally. Granted, we've done a little crying and put up with a little fussing to get Cason on this schedule, but my boys are pretty easy going.

Here's Cason's schedule at six months:

6:30 am      Wake up, nurse and go back to sleep
8:00 am      Wake up for the morning (this actually occurs anywhere from 8 am to 9 am)
9:00 am      Nurse before we leave for our morning activities
9:30 am      Nap #1 (if we stay home, then Cason's usual asleep by now, but if we're out an about he cat naps in his carseat and in the wrap all throughout the morning)
12:30 pm    Nurse
1:00 pm      Nap #2 (my little super sleeper usually naps for around 2-3 hours)
4:00 pm      Nurse
5:30 pm      Nap #3 (for about 45 min to 1 hour)
7:00 pm      Bathtime and nurse
7:30 pm      Tucked into bed!

So, he's eating five times a day and napping three times a day with lots of cuddles and tummy time in between!

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