Saturday, July 07, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Cannon!

Cannon turned TWO! I can't believe it's been two full years since I first met those big brown eyes. 

We started the morning with opening his new t-ball set from Mama & Dada. He wanted to play IMMEDIATELY. And, considering he's been playing with makeshift equipment (think paper towel tubes and drum sticks), he did pretty good with a real bat and ball.
Next up was his birthday party at the park with family and his friend, Jack. 
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We at all things baseball: Cracker Jacks, sunflower seeds (which Cannon tried to eat - shell & all), peanuts, watermelon, hot dogs and cheetos.
Cannon's favorite were the baseball cookies, which he still talks about to this day. 

Cannon's second favorite thing, next to baseball, is all things trucks. So, his party was the perfect trifecta since the park was adjacent to a construction site, complete with dump trucks and diggers hauling dirt back and forth. The boys would pause the baseball game to watch the construction trucks drive by. And then when they were tired of baseball they played in the dirt with Cannon's new toy trucks. 
We had so much fun celebrate Cannon's little life with family and friends!

**Photos courtesy of my Mom and Wade! 

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