Sunday, July 08, 2012

When I'm with You

Does the birth of your firstborn ever stop being a crazy emotional flood of memories?

I wasn't prepared for this. 

One minute I'm blowing up balloons, decorating baseball sugar cookies, and wrapping a plastic Fisher Price tee-ball set and then next moment I'm in Danny's arms blubbering about the time passing too quickly, am I soaking up the little moments, and does Cannon know how much I love him? 

What has happened to me? 

Oh Cannon Boy -

You never cease to blow me away. Every day is a new adventure with you. Each of your firsts is a first for me too. I'd never watched a child learn to walk before you took your first steps. I'd never fed a baby his first bites of pureed food until you opened your mouth wide for a spoonful of rice cereal. I'd never listened to a cuter voice say "mama" until you looked into my eyes and called my name. I'd never had a two-year-old toddler. Until you. You are my first. You ushered me into motherhood on that crazy morning two years ago.

I tucked you into bed last night. We read "Shepherd" (Psalms 23) and then you wanted "Mama. Sleep. Too." So, I turned out the lights and lay down next to you. You systematically asked me if every member of our family was asleep or awake.

"Uncle Kiss aseep?" "No, Uncle Chris is probably awake." "Uncle Kiss awake?" "Yes."

"Uncle JoJo aseep?" "Maybe, I'm not sure what time it is in Toyko?" "Uncle JoJo awake?" "Maybe."

And so on it went through Nana, Papa, Aunt Mandy, Daddy, Uncle Matt, Glammy, Baby Brother, and on and on. Sometimes I want to video tape our entire day just to capture your little voice forming new words and uttering little sentences.

You currently LOVE your Jesus Storybook Bible, which you sweetly call your Bible Book. You don't always want to sit through the long stories, but you wait until it's time to turn the page and see a new picture. I pray that you always LOVE God's Word. That you'll find strength and hope and joy and rest in the Words in your Bible Book.

Happy Second Birthday Cannon.  I can't wait to celebrate so many more of your years.


This is my little song for you this year Cannon Henry. "I could never count all the ways that you change me, Baby. Every day the sky is a deeper shade of blue, when I'm with you."

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